“It’s all starting to come together. I’m performing well and feeling positive. I definitely feel like I am winning more mental battles! Thank you for everything you have done to help. I couldn’t have got there without you!” – International Archer.

“Initially I was a bit skeptical about the impact a sports psychologist would have on the team. I certainly didn’t realise how much of a positive impact it would have on me personally! Looking back, there is no way we would have won that final without the chat we had beforehand at the venue. I tried to be a calm and encouraging voice on the pitch and afterwards, the players said my encouragement kept them going! I’m excited about the future, and really looking forward to seeing how this squad develops with the confidence of winning a major tournament.” – Chris Gordon, England Powerchair Football Player (European Champions).

“Thank you for all of your support! The European Championships was a great week. I can’t wait to start our preparation for the 2021 World Cup!” – Marcus Harrison, England Powerchair Football Player (European Champions).

“Following our success at the European Championships last month, we have been on a massive high but like all successful teams it’s not just the players on the pitch that make it a success. This tournament was the first time that we have had the privilege of having a psychologist with us and it certainly made the difference. Throughout the camps leading up to the tournament and also at the tournament the influence Erin had on the team was incredible. I personally have been playing the sport for 17 years, but Erin has taught me so much about myself and my outlook on life. Erin’s influence has made the team be able to control their emotions on and off the pitch, and also deal with nerves before games in which they would have struggled previously. I cannot thank Erin enough for what she has done for us and for me personally.” – Jon Bolding, England Powerchair Team Captain (European Champions).