Our Services

Performance Support Package

Our performance support packages offer athletes, coaches and sport-parents one-to-one support that is personalised to target their challenges and build upon their key skills. Our performance support packages begin with an ‘intake’ session to discuss your challenges and where you would like support. Your personalised performance support package will then be created – this typically comprises of approximately 10 sessions, however, this is flexible.

Intake session & performance package creation: £150.

The remaining fee for the performance support package is £530 and includes:

10 x 1-hour sessions; discussion & support in-between sessions via email; a summary document of your programme to take away and use to continue working on your skills independently.

Athlete Workshops

Our athlete workshops are informative and engaging interactive sessions that arm you with up-to-date sports psychology knowledge, to support you to improve your mental game. Our popular workshops include: Performance Under Pressure, Enhancing Confidence, Creating Pre-Performance Routines and Developing Resilience.

Price on Request

Personalised Imagery Scripts

Imagery is defined as ‘using the senses to create an experience in the mind’. This is a popular technique used by Olympic athletes to improve their performance and supplement their training. We provide you with a personalised imagery script and a useful guide to help you get the most out of using imagery to enhance your performance!

£25 per imagery script. Contact us to make a request.

Coach Workshops

Our coach workshops focus on empowering coaches with sports psychology knowledge that can be applied when they are working with their athletes. This aims to help coaches become more effective when supporting their athletes in training and competition. Our popular workshops include: Developing an Effective Coach-Athlete Relationship, Enhancing Athlete Confidence, Performing Under Pressure.

Price on Request.

Junior Athlete Workshops

Our junior athlete workshops cover similar ideas to our athlete workshops, but are adapted for a junior audience to ensure effectiveness and engagement. Our popular junior workshops include: Performing Under Pressure, Goal-Setting and Building Confidence.

Price on Request.

Team Workshops

Our team workshops are ideal for sports teams and groups at any level. These workshops not only cover aspects such as building confidence and performing under pressure, but also key ideas related to teams such as leadership, communication and creating a team philosophy and culture.

Price on Request.

Sport-Parent Workshops

Supporting young athletes through their sporting careers can be a challenge – we believe it is vital to work closely with parents, guardians and carers to ensure that they are equipped to best support their young athletes through the ups and downs of sport. These workshops are informative and engaging, to support our audiences to learn how to optimise their role within the sporting environment.

Price on Request.

Bespoke Workshops

We will always aim to adapt our workshops to suit your needs, however, we also offer bespoke workshops. This allows you to collaborate with us so we can create a workshop that fulfils your requirements in terms of topic, audience and running time.

Price on Request.


Training and competition observations are often key to offering athletes, coaches, teams and sports-parents effective support. Observations give us a greater understanding of your strengths and challenges, and enable us to immerse ourselves into your sport so we can support you to thrive!

Half day: £250 Full day: £500

Combined Workshops & One-to-One Support

One of our most popular services is a group/team workshop followed by the opportunity for attendees to receive private one-to-one support. This ensures that the session is effective and informative for every attendee, and gives individuals the opportunity to benefit from personalised support.

Price on request.


EP Sports Psychology works largely within sport and exercise, however, our work can also be used effectively within the worlds of business, education and essentially any environment which involves performance. If you feel you would benefit from our support, please get in touch to discuss your requirements!